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Which Weight Loss Supplement Ingredients Are Effective?

Weight loss supplements are usually composed of several ingredients including herbs, dietary fiber, and minerals. These dietary supplements come in different forms, either as pills, liquids, or powders. The labels on these products normally tout their appetite decreasing, or fat burning, or metabolism enhancing properties. But which ingredients actually account for these properties, and are they really effective?

The Importance of SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN Ingredients

Caffeine, a common ingredient, is typically used in weight loss supplements that promote thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Based on short-term clinical trials, caffeine was found to modestly help reduce weight gain.

Carnitine is another common ingredient in weight loss supplements and is usually advertised as having increased fatty acid oxidation properties. Clinical trials actually show that carnitine can help reduce body weight. White kidney is another ingredient commonly used in weight loss supplements and is promoted as a starch blocker. This ingredient is also shown to have modest effects on body weight.

Finding out about which ingredients are effective require either arduous research or personally experiencing taking weight loss supplements. For people who have yet to try these kinds of diet products, just taking supplements without researching their effectiveness can be a haphazard move. Remember that different ingredients in health supplement have different effects on the body. And sometimes, when taken in excessive dosages, instead of helping you lose weight these supplements can instead result in harmful effects to your body.

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